Our Superannuation services

SMSF – Self-Managed Super Funds

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) allows you to take control of your super and manage it in the way that suits you best. Scope Accounting recognises that while an SMSF may not be for everybody, it can be useful as part of a wealth-management or business strategy.

If you would like to understand more about SMSFs (also called DIY super funds) give us a call for a no-nonsense rundown. If you decide you would like to establish a self-managed super fund, we can help you set it up with the structure that suits you best.

Do you have an SMSF set up already, but you need a little help? We can also assist with you with the ongoing administration, accounting, and tax compliance for your SMSF – even if we didn’t help you set it up. Most SMSF members would prefer to get on with their business or careers, and choosing their investments, and are happy to allow us to take care of all their mandatory SMSF compliance.

Super and retirement strategies

Saving and planning for your retirement is critical if you want to ensure you don’t run out of money after you stop working no matter how far retirement may seem to be.  We have licensed and well experienced financial advisers available to assist you in working out your best tax-effective strategies, and how best super can help you realise your retirement goals.